Isle of Skye passing place near Quiraing

For some people the idea might be strange to travel to the Highlands during winter time. After all, it is a place for outdoor adventures and what do we associate with the island winter? Cold, rain, mist, dark and crazy wind. Well let me paint you a picture:
Isle of Skye, winter time. No tourists to be found. The Old man of Storr is just for you, and you alone. The frosty wind might kiss your cheeks but the breeze brings the freshest air. The landscape at first might seem a little bit lifeless but looking at the snow hat on the top of the Quirang, in your heart you really can feel that you are alive.
And at the end of all this you finally get inside, wrap your cold hands around some heartwarming gin with a fluffy blanket and fill up your tummy with a sumptuous dinner. Somehow after a cold walk when you are inside again everything tastes and feels a thousand times better…

A very big advantage of the winter period to visit Skye is that there are not as many tourists as usual. While in the main season the most popular attractions are full with hiking groups and couples, during winter you won't have problems to find a parking space. The roads are quiet, which makes driving on the single track roads so much easier.

Sun sets at Rubha Hunish trough the clouds over the sea on Isle of Skye

Dear Isle of Skye,

Where to begin... I know there are so many who adore you; many who are looking at you because you are popular. All the people who visit you and ask in shock: "But it is in the middle of nowhere!!
What can we do?!"


The hotel is located Greshornish near the village of Edinbane on the Isle of Skye in the Highlands of Scotland.



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