Sun sets at Rubha Hunish trough the clouds over the sea on Isle of Skye

Dear Isle of Skye,

Where to begin... I know there are so many who adore you; many who are looking at you because you are popular. All the people who visit you and ask in shock: "But it is in the middle of nowhere!!
What can we do?!"

Oh my Love, the things I could tell them! If they would see you as I do...
Then they would know that the best place to be when the world is ending is the end of the world. They would know that whenever I look at the Quiraing I see the timeless power of nature.

Your sharp cliffs kissed by waves, the clouds that are forever dancing, the cheerful and cruel rain, all serving as reminders that we are alive.
The mist that hides your beauty and makes you even more desirable. All the secret pools and green hills, home of the wee folk, all the lochs like thousand mirrors doubling your faces. Each and every one of them filled with magic for the ones who seek it.

Millions of shades of green and blue, yellow and brown, purple and gray, silver and gold; all your colors, always changing.

Skye sea cliff

Once you love, once you hate and then love again.
Oh if they'd see you as I do then they would know that what they need to do is look. What they have to see is everything. What they have to feel is joy.

Ps.: If only I would change one thing my Love... the midges. Could we just get rid of them??


The hotel is located Greshornish near the village of Edinbane on the Isle of Skye in the Highlands of Scotland.



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